Olavi Mõts
Transport Department Manager
Cell: +372 50 82 616

Hele Liba
Head of Logistics Department
Phone: +372 78 66 891
Cell: +372 50 20 616

Marili Peri
Phone: +372 78 66 893
Cell: +372 56 483 343


EKSO Ltd was established in 1991 as a bus transportation firm. We started our business with 2 buses at international
1994 was the important year for firm's developement as the local automobile facilities were privatized by EKSO Ltd. The same year we started with international transportation. At first our destination countries were Poland, Czechia and Hungary, later Germany, Belgium, Holland and France were added to this list.

At the end of 1998 EKSO Ltd bought fleet together with necessary territory and buildings for their service from Võru motor depot. The technical department was expanded and the maintenance service of automobiles moved to the advanced level.

Since 1999 EKSO Ltd started transportation of the maintained trucks from Holland and their sale to Estonia and Russia. 
EKSO Ltd has grown into large firm with 20 trucks. Together with partners we offer 40 trucks to serve You.
We act purposefuly and with confidence in the field which we have chosen!



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